Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy July

I realized it had been awhile since I last posted, so I'll just give a quick update and include some recent photos. We continue to rearrange/organize/clean out our house as we prepare for Baby #2. It's a slow process, but we have made some progress. I am growing and now definitely look pregnant, but I am still feeling pretty well (aside from the usual discomfort that comes with an expanding belly).
Annabelle has had a couple of trips to the pool, and she is not sure what to think about it. We hope to keep working with her so that she will become excited about the water. I bought a maternity swimsuit for our swimming outings because I decided that the "belly poking out of the tankini" look was not for me. Belle continues to be very active and is looking more like a "little girl" rather than a baby. One of her new tricks is shuffling around the house in my slippers (see photo), and she is pretty good at getting around. When she walks in them, she looks like she is an old man (somewhat hunched over) wearing snow shoes.
We are headed to Nashville this weekend for a family reunion (Daniel's mom's side), and next weekend is my dear friend Meg's wedding. We'll start wedding festivities towards the end of next week. I took my bridesmaid's dress to be altered yesterday, and it was quite humorous. The woman had kindly agreed to alter the dress at the last minute since I am constantly expanding, and I am SO glad that I decided to order the dress 3 sizes bigger than my normal measurements. She is letting it out across the middle so that I can breathe! Let's hope I don't grow too much over the next ten days or so.

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