Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reunion and Wedding

I have been slacking in my updates (what else is new?). I feel like I have spent the past 7-8 days recovering from a very busy 8-9 days we had in mid-July, but I do think that life is now back to normal. We spent the July 4th weekend in Nashville at a family reunion for Daniel's mom's side of the family. Daniel hadn't even met many of these family members, so the weekend was filled with new faces as well as a few familiar ones. All of the "Memphis Brinks" were in attendance, and we all stayed right around each other at the hotel. Hotel-living with a young child is tiring, but we were so glad that we made the effort to go and meet family. Belle was so exhausted by the time we left on Sunday that she slept for about 40 minutes in the car (which is long for those of you who are unaware), and she did sustain two minor bruises to the head due to exhaustion-reduced motor skills. But she had a great time playing with her cousins (both first and second ones), and I've posted a few pictures from the weekend.
My dear friend Meg Daughdrill was married on Saturday the 12th to the wonderful Brian Flowers. The weekend was filled with happy celebrations, some of which Belle participated in. I posted a picture of us at the wedding-day lunch; Annabelle was in the process of eating a delicious bit of peppermint ice cream! The ceremony was beautiful, and my dress fit! I shouldn't have tried to wear tall heels and definitely did knee-bends during all of the prayers, but I made it! I was so thankful to be a part of the festivities, and of course Meg was such a beautiful bride. Many happy wishes to Dr. and Mrs. Brian Flowers!!

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