Monday, June 16, 2008

Top Chef

Annabelle's favorite toy right now is her new wooden kitchen. Her Oma and Opa (Daniel's parents) were planning to get a kitchen for her at Christmas, but we had noticed that whenever we went to a child's house who had a kitchen, she was fascinated with it. Opening and closing the doors, putting things in, taking things out...all of this was so entertaining for her. So Daniel and I approached Oma and Opa with the idea of getting her the kitchen now as an EXTREMELY early Christmas gift. They were kind enough to do so, and after much searching to find a good deal, a kitchen arrived via FedEx last week. The FedEx man backed into the driveway and propped the box against the garage, and I figured that because of its weight, he hadn't wanted to bring it up to the front door. I was correct. I opened the garage door and pulled with ALL MY MIGHT to move it about a foot into the garage, hoping the whole time that none of my neighbors could see. :) Anyway, Daniel got it in the house that night, and we opened the box and found a 24-step instruction manual and about 50 pieces of kitchen to assemble. Sweet Daniel spent about 3 hours putting it together, but his time was well spent. She absolutely loves it and has played so happily with it. The pictures are of her when she first saw it and played with it. In case you are wondering about the funny-looking part next to Belle in the last picture, it's a removable dishwasher rack. They really do think of everything.
On a different note, I had the treat this past weekend of going to Pickwick (a lake near Memphis) for a celebration of the upcoming wedding of my dear friend Meg Daughdrill. Nine girls came, and we had the best time relaxing, laughing, eating, sunbathing, etc. You get the picture. Daniel was kind enough to be "extra fatherly" on Father's Day weekend while I went to be carefree, and I enjoyed myself so much.


Alicia said...

oh my goodness that kitchen is so so cute! I am jealous (and it is more for me than for my kids!!) Belle is so beautiful and looks more like a little girl than a baby! Anyways, hope many fun meal creations come from this fun little kitchen!

Brink said...

In an attempt to sound more impressive, I'm going to correct Katy's figure of "50" kitchen pieces. It's more like 70, and that DOESN'T include the 300-400 screws, bolts, washers, etc. yeah, I'm pretty awesome.

Laura said...

What a great kitchen!! Julia has a little Fisher Price one (not nearly as fancy, but she loves it!). I'm glad you got to go celebrate pre-wedding with Meg (and I love Pickwick...we used to go every summer growing up)-- I'd love to see pics from that get together. I'm sorry I'll be missing that wedding, but looks like there's a SLIM chance we WILL be back in Jackson mid-August. I'll let you know.