Tuesday, June 10, 2008


When Belle hit 18 months, we decided to get some pictures done for her. If you're familiar with Germantown, we had these done in the caboose garden (or whatever you call that place) over on Poplar Pike.

If you know Belle, you know that she is not prone to stay in one place for long. Getting a good shot requires the photographer have stamina, quick feat, and a fast camera. Thankfully our photographer, Brenda, has all of these. Belle was not as cooperative as we had hoped, but we got some good shots regardless. She did a lot of smiling, but it was usually as she was running away from the camera. Next time, maybe we'll get one camera to use as a decoy, and then have another to get the great shots of her running in the other direction.

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Crystal said...

She has the sweetest smile...and I agree that she has some quick feet :)