Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're Back

We are back from our vacation, and we had a wonderful time. Daniel and I really enjoyed getting away to New Orleans and having a few days to ourselves, and our main activity while we were there was eating. We ate some wonderful food and could have stayed longer just to eat at other restaurants! For those of you familiar with New Orleans, we frequented places such as French Market Cafe, Gumbo Shop, Camelia Grill, Dick and Jenny's, Cafe Maspero, NOLA, Croissant d'Or, and of course, Cafe Du Monde. So we definitely didn't leave the city hungry.
Annabelle also had a wonderful "vacation," though hers was a bit different from ours. She spent those days in Jackson with my parents, and she had a blast. My parents had some new, exciting toys for her, and I really don't think that she noticed that Daniel and I were gone until we got back. :) My parents enjoyed having her, and I am sure that she wore them out. But Daniel and I returned to a happy, well-rested, well-fed child, and we were so pleased! The pictures are a few that Mom took while Belle was with them.
Changing the subject a bit...I am still having a great pregnancy. I have "expanded" over the past week, though I am relieved that the growth is because of the baby and NOT the New Orleans food. Daniel and I went for our ultrasound today, and we are pleased to say that we have a healthy BOY growing. So Belle will have a little brother. We are thrilled, though it does seem strange to think about having a boy when all we've known is a girl. But it will be a new adventure, and we are just thankful that HE appears to be growing normally.


Aubra said...

So exciting - brothers are fun! :)

Laura said...

So jealous you got to eat yummy New Orleans food!!

How exciting y'all are having a boy! I might be a bit biased, but I think a girl first and then a boy is the best combination possible ;-) It's great fun cause the little girls take care of "their baby" just like little mommies...too cute!

Marty Cooper said...

A boy a boy a boy!!!!!!!!