Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Adventure, Anyone?

I am not generally an adventurous person, but last week I decided that Annabelle and I would go on a roadtrip to Starkville, MS, for a night. For those of you unaware of the existence of Starkville, it is home to Mississippi State University, Daniel's and my alma mater. It is God's country. Anyway, our dear friend (and my former MSU roommate) Anna Duggan was going there for her sister's art show, and we decided to accompany her! We were able to stay the night with my other former roommate, Jeannie Turnage, and her husband and precious baby Lucy. Of course Annabelle and I looked like we were staying for 3 days, but I wanted to be prepared for anything. Armed with enough animal crackers to last for days, we pulled out of our driveway Thursday morning. Annabelle did not sleep a wink on the way down, and we were very relieved to arrive at Jean's around 1:00. That evening Annabelle and I had the pleasure of eating dinner with a former professor of mine, Kelly Marsh. She and I have kept in touch, and it was such fun to eat with her.
Friday morning Anna, Jean, Annabelle, Lucy, and I ate breakfast at one of Starkville's best-loved places, City Bagel Cafe. Then we drove on campus to check out the newly-remodeled student union, and it looks amazing!! This remodeling was WAY overdue, and the new union really improves the look of the campus. We then spent some time at Anna's sister's house before getting on the road in the MONSOON that was hitting Starkville. We were very thankful that once we headed north, the rain eased and made our trip back to Memphis much more pleasant, although Belle again did not sleep at all.
Although Annabelle and I were both very tired Friday evening, I am SO glad that we made the trip. Spending time with friends I rarely see was so precious, and I hope to get back to Starkville again relatively soon.


Marty Cooper said...

Who wouldn't know where Starkville is? You needn't be friends with anyone like that...

AnnaDuggan said...

I second that, Marty! We'll have to go again, Kate..so fun!