Saturday, March 29, 2008


As usual I am tardy in getting pictures posted. We had a wonderful Easter weekend. My family came Saturday and stayed until after lunch Sunday, and we all enjoyed the visit. We watched a lot of basketball and enjoyed the pretty weather. My parents took us out for a nice meal Saturday evening, and Annabelle loved her fine dining experience. :) Sunday's church service was wonderful: we were blessed to reflect on our Savior's resurrection. Annabelle was exhausted from the busy weekend, and she went to bed as soon as we got home from church. So my family and I enjoyed a nice, calm meal together, and she woke up shortly before they had to leave. Daniel had made a Boston Creme Pie, and Annabelle LOVED it. She had a whole piece Sunday afternoon and cleaned her plate. We then took her outside to "hunt eggs." We scattered the eggs on the ground and showed her how to put them in her basket. She proceeded to pick up two eggs and run to her swing. After swinging for awhile, she got down and tried the "hunting" again. She caught on and loved the activity.
We tried to get some pictures of her in her Easter dress, but none of them were just great. The one shown here at least gives a view. And here are a few shots from "the hunt."


Crystal said...

I love that she hunted eggs!! I know that was so fun to watch. OK, so we LOVE your vacuum!! I think I may have to get one for David's birthday, since he said that it made vacuuming fun :)

Crystal said...
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