Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vacation Update

Well, once again, I am slow to update the blog. Maybe I should just quit saying that I am slow and just accept that speed as the norm.
Anyway, our "vacation" is over. Belle spent a week with my parents in Jackson, and she had a fabulous time. My parents really were delighted to have her, and despite the physical demands of running after her, they were quite sad to see her go. She got to play with so many fun toys, and she had many visitors come to see her. She played in a park, went swimming, and even went to the mall (and discovered the world of elevators and escalators). Daniel and I thoroughly enjoyed our "stay-cation" here. We went out to eat twice and took our time doing so. I was able to get lots accomplished around the house, and I also just enjoyed doing things when I wanted to do them. As great as the joys of motherhood are, I relished not having to fix Belle's meals, change her diapers, get her dressed, etc. But I did miss her, and Daniel and I were both glad to see her when we arrived in Jackson.
I will post some pictures that my mom took of her activities in Jackson.

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em g said...

those pictures are so precious katy! and she is adorable!! i'm so glad y'all are doing well!!
miss you!