Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sitting Around

I wanted to capture Belle doing something she rarely does -- sitting still. She is such an active child, but she has recently gotten into the habit of getting a book or toy and plopping down in the middle of the floor to enjoy it. She sticks her feet out in front of her (as shown) and reads or plays. These beautiful moments don't usually last too long, but they are precious and quite humorous.
She is going on an adventure next week (or maybe I should say that my parents are going on an adventure). Sweet T and Granddaddy (my parents) are coming to Memphis this weekend for a wedding, and they are taking Annabelle back to Jackson with them Sunday for the entire week! In case anyone has failed to make the connection of what that means for me, it means that I will be in my house alone all next week. Daniel and I are so excited about our "vacation," and my parents are thrilled about their undertaking (definitely won't be a vacation for them). I plan to do work around the house, get the nursery much more ready than it currently is, rest, and just enjoy doing the things I'd like to do when I'd like to do them. We will probably go to a movie one night...but hey, we can be spontaneous about which night that will be because we won't have a child to think about! I will miss her and will probably be a bit sad when they pull out of my driveway Sunday afternoon, but I have a feeling that I will quickly ease right into the childless week. My parents are so kind to give us this break, and I will enjoy every minute of it -- and be so glad to see Belle on Friday when we arrive in Jackson for our weekend there!!

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Laura said...

So cute! Don't you love when they do finally sit still?! We will actually be in Jackson for a few weeks. I finish exams on Wednesday, and my mom and the children and I leave Thursday morning (and somewhere between now and then I'll pack). We'll be jet-lagged, but if you don't mind that, I'd really like to see y'all that weekend if you have any time. I know y'all are going to love your vacation...have a wonderfully relaxing week and hope to see you soon!