Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby in the basket

A few weeks ago, when I was in the kitchen and realized that the house was completely quiet and that I had NO idea what Annabelle was doing, I walked into the living room and discovered her as you see her in the first picture, sitting in her toy basket. She had removed all of her toys, climbed in and was just sitting quietly (those of you who know her will understand how unusual those last two words are). Anyway, I thought that it was funny, laughed with her, and took her picture. Well, enter a new game!! Now, she takes all of her toys out of her basket and "asks" me to put her in it. Then she wants all of her toys BACK in the basket, piled all around her. Funny what children think is so entertaining.
Anyway, we have been enjoying the nice weather. Belle LOVES being outside, swinging in her swing, and walking around the backyard holding my hand. She also gets very upset when we have to go inside. But I am thankful that she enjoys the outdoors.
I had my 14-week OB check-up today, and everything is looking great. We are so thankful for another good pregnancy and are praying for a MUCH less exciting delivery than last time. :) But we are confident that the Lord will provide and sustain us through whatever He chooses to send our way!

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