Monday, March 3, 2008

Ball: A Novel Concept

One of our latest discoveries: Belle got game. We found this out a few weeks ago via her musical drum (courtesy of uncle Noah). Rather than use the toy as it was intended, Annabelle would turn it on its side and kick it around the house. She would also pick it up and drop it on the floor as if she expected it to bounce. Heavy toy drums do not bounce, as it turns out, but instead make loud crashing sounds that make Mom and Dad believe said musical drum will not last much longer.
Anyway, it seemed obvious the girl wanted to play with a ball, so I fetched a soccer ball from the trunk of my car. She was DELIGHTED to have a toy move around the floor so freely. We also found out that a bouncing toy is for some reason hilarious. I must admit, we were a little late with the whole "ball" idea; I guess with all of the modern toys available, it's easy to overlook the simple ones.
So as you can see in the pictures, Belle unleashed her mad soccer skills in style (literally, since we had not yet changed her out of her church clothes).

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