Monday, September 24, 2007

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

Finally...the new season starts tonight. When Heroes premiered last year, I thought "Gee, that looks like something I'd enjoy" but I just never got around to watching it. Plus, it's one of those shows where you would want to start with the first episode so that you know what's going on. Well thanks to NBC posting all of the full episodes on their website, I was able to start my Heroes-watching late in the season, catching up just in time for the season finale. Brilliant move by NBC for offering free episode viewing online, because it helped people like me catch up with the rest of the cool Heroes crowd.

For as lazy as I tend to be at the end of the workday and as enthralled as I can be by cheap entertainment, I honestly do not "get into" a lot of TV programs. I've done a reality show here and there over the past several years, but I haven't come across a show that I HAD to watch since Ed was broadcast in 2000-2004. Man, I miss Ed...
Anyway, I started watching The Office at the end of its first season, exposing Katy to what she thought was incredibly stupid. It didn't take her too long to come around, and now she is quick to set the Tivo if we miss a Thursday night.

Back to Heroes...I'm such a dork. I know all of the (many) characters and their respective powers. I've even debated others about which hero's powers I would want to have. I was never a comic book kind of guy, so I guess I am now filling that void from my childhood.

Besides Heroes and The Office, I have gotten into 30 Rock. Like Heroes, I was late joining the 30 Rock party so I had to go back and watch previous episodes on the internet. Did I mention how great an idea that was by NBC? Alec Baldwin, who is great on the show, falls into that category of "love the actor, not so much the person."

So that's it. The three programs that Daniel follows. Just so you know where I'm coming from.


The Hutton Family said...

You know, Daniel, I have really struggled with Heroes. Samuel LOVES the show! I really wish that I could get into it. I might try the free show thing and see if maybe I might become a fan. Funny you mention Ed- it was such a great show

Nathe said...
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