Monday, July 23, 2007

Eight months, three years, and other events...

Well, Annabelle will be eight months old tomorrow, and this picture shows some of what she's been learning to do lately. We have jumped headfirst into the extremely messy (obviously) process of eating solid foods, and she enjoys them. Currently her menu includes carrots, bananas, and apples, and we plan to add peas maybe later today. She is also crawling a lot, pulling up on whatever she can, and "playing" with Dugg.
Also, tomorrow, Daniel and I will have been married for three years! Hard to believe. We are thankful for these three years and for the many blessings they have held, and we pray for many more like them!
We have recently returned from a nine-day trip, most of which was spent in Jackson with my family. All of us (including Dugg) loaded up in the good ole Honda and made the trek South. We enjoyed the time with the fam and were also blessed to be a part of the wedding of John Dallis Ketchum and Christy Phillips. We then journeyed down to Alabama to stay at the beautiful Grand Hotel so I could participate in the wedding of Sara Hart Rosenblatt and Gordon Fellows. Another great celebration. We are glad to be home, though, and are back to a normal routine.

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