Monday, July 30, 2007

Anniversary Dinner

As Katy mentioned below, we recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary, and for the 3rd year in a row we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Erling Jensen. After having a truly enjoyable first visit, we agreed that a return was necessary for future celebrations. This is the one time of year when we ignore prices, which in and of itself feels nice.
A few thoughts about Erling Jensen:

For being a fine French establishment, Erling does not hold back on quantity while serving up such quality dishes. If we were being cost-conscious, we could easily get by with splitting menu items...but like I said, we don't go to Erling to be cost-conscious.

The service is amazing. I had noticed that Memphis Magazine rated Erling Jensen as having the best service in town, and they weren't kidding. Not being the fine dining regulars, Katy and I feel surprisingly welcome there. The staff is always eager to define those hard-to-pronounce selections and quick to point out which utensil is appropriate for each course. Nice.

The pace of dinner is refreshing. Each visit for us has been about two hours, as nobody seems to be in a hurry. The pre-appetizer-appetizer, the palette-cleansing sorbet, and the post-dessert-dessert are all "complimentary" and serve as a wonderful way to extend the enjoyment.

Last but not least, the menu. The one appetizer that we insist one of us order is the crab cakes. Oh my. I would pay good money just to eat a few orders of the crab cakes. As for entres, the Kobe beef and buffalo have both been memorable, but I think the ostrich is my numero uno. For dessert, the chocolate souffle is an emotional experience and makes for the most silent course of our dinner.

It takes a beating on the ol' wallet, but it's worth every bite. As we look forward to year #4, check it out for yourself.

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