Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oompa loompa, doompadee dawesome, Dwight is now gone, which is totally awesome.

Let's take a break from the family for a bit.
I’m getting a little frustrated with NBC’s The Office. I used to think it was one of the (if not THE) best programs on TV, but I am having second thoughts. It’s not that I’ve lost interest; it’s that the show has gotten worse over time. Allow me to vent a bit...
First of all, the characters have changed. Not developed—changed. Take Jan for example. She used to be a very intelligent, professional, and successful woman. But like all of the characters, Jan had a quirk. She was unexplainably attracted to Michael. Considering her other qualities, it was incredibly odd that she found Michael irresistible, yet detestable. It was funny. The current Jan is completely different. She is now sloppy, irrational, paranoid, demanding, jealous, and flat out weird. Maybe it all started with her “alteration”, but whatever the case, I find it much less funny.
Here’s another—Ryan. Is he supposed to be funny? In the first couple seasons, he was just “intern”. He got picked on and resented everyone he worked with. I liked that character, but then it all changed. I’ll admit, it was funny when he was shockingly promoted ahead of Jim, Karen, and Michael. But ever since then I find him incredibly annoying. And not annoying in a good way. Dwight is annoying, but it’s just his character. I think the writers (one of whom is B.J. Novak, the actor who plays Ryan) are trying way too hard to make Ryan a bad guy. OK, so he’s a bad guy, but he’s not a funny bad guy.Another thing that bothers me is the minor characters getting too much attention. I’m talking about Stanley, Angela, Kelly, Roy, Phyllis, etc. These characters do not need to be developed any more than they are. They are MINOR characters. I don’t want to watch Andy and Dwight fight over Angela, because Angela just isn’t that important. Let her remain over in the accountants’ corner, planning parties, and being bossy. Nothing more.
And Stanley…oh Stanley. Why do we have to get all dramatic? I don’t want to see tear-jerker confrontations with Michael. There’s no denying that Stanley is funny, but it’s the little bits and pieces that are funny. Just keep him as the “urban” teddy bear who sits in meetings, working his crossword puzzle, and occasionally offering the “I don’t give a *darn*”.
The only minor character I think is worth the development is Andy, and I really don’t consider him “minor” any longer. I put him up there with Michael, Pam, Jim, and Dwight as a lead character. And with all of the boohooing that Dwight has been doing over Angela, it has opened the door for Andy to overtake him as the funniest character in the office. I’m sure many disagree with me, but tough. He’s been promoted.
Now break me off a piece of that fancy feast.


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AnnaDuggan said...


I have to whole heartedly agree with your critique of this beloved show. Season 2 was absolute comedic genuius (1 and 3 very close behind). The current season has been more than mildly disappointing. The first few (the hour long ones) were way too long...too much time to develop unnecessary (and quite frankly un-funny) plot lines. As for the episodes since the writer's strike break...mediocre. I agree that the minor characters need to say the minor characters. I may slightly disagree that Andy needs to be a major character. I'm still a loyal fan, but I do feel like they're losing steam. As with all things, once you go mainstream, there's no turning back...

Nathaniel G said...

You definitely nailed it. For some reason they also seem to think that gross, perverted and nasty = funnier. Granted, SOMETIMES it is, but I think they've lost the touch they once had. I too have to disagree with your issues with Dwight. Without him Jim and Pam wouldn't have anything to do. But he definitely has changed and needs to go back to where he was. Good review....-ng

Alicia said...

I agree with your review as well. I have been disapointed with Jan's character. I mean, she was so much more funny as Michael's judgemental boss who had it all together, not as his psycho girlfriend who is so flighty and weird. I also think Michael's character is becoming a little over the top. It just is too much now, and doesn't have that subtleness that made it so funny.

I do have to respectfully disagree on some points, though. I kind of like it when they develop a side character for an episode or two, just because it is so random and interesting. I think some of those plots have a lot of potential. I also am really annoyed by Andy. I mean, I know he is annoying to everyone and that's what makes him so funny, but I wish they would stop putting so much emphasis on him. He is just too much for me.

Anyways, good review. Hopefully the writers will start realizing that this season was lacking and really pick it up next season. This show is just too good to go bad!

Brink said...

I also think Michael's character is becoming a little over the top.

You are exactly right. I had originally included a lot of rants about Michael, but the post was getting too long. I'm probably going to have to return to the subject after the season finale, because I assume I'm going to be disappointed.

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