Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Visit Down South

This past weekend we went to Jackson to visit my parents. We have turned Annabelle's car seat around to face forward, and she enjoys looking out the windows. I was optimistic that this new position would make the car trip much easier, and while it was not perfect, the journey was more pleasant. She was awake the whole ride to Jackson but with enough crackers, juice, and milk, she was fairly happy. :)
We had a fairly busy weekend seeing friends and family. Alan was able to come home from Delta State, and we really enjoyed having him around. Annabelle saw her great-grandmothers as well. My parents love having her around, and she walked/ran all over their house. We left Dugg in Memphis for this visit, but Annabelle enjoyed spending time with Toby, my parents' golden retriever. She also loved walking up and down the front stairs outside my parents' house; my dad and Daniel played that game with her many times.
My dear friend Meg Daughdrill had an engagement party Saturday evening, and it was great to see her as well as other old friends. We worshiped Sunday morning at First Pres, and after a wonderful, leisurely lunch, we headed back to Memphis. Belle slept a whopping 25 minutes on the way home, and yours truly nodded off some too.
As far as other news goes, we don't have much. :) We've been around the house most of the week, trying to avoid a stomach virus that seems to be going around our church. Annabelle has her 15-month checkup on Friday, and we are interested to see how much she has grown. I will update after that appointment. I also need to post some pictures...

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