Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Long Overdue

From the lack of recent blogging, one might infer that we have been extremely busy around here. Unfortunately, that assumption would be incorrect. I apologize for the lack of a recent update, though even now I do not have much to write. We are doing well! Annabelle is walking better and better, and she and I both love her independence. She has also been napping a bit longer too, thanks to her increased level of physical activity. She LOVES to push her walker around the house, and she chases Dugg with it. I was unable to capture a picture of the chase, but you can imagine it I am sure. My mom visited us for a couple of days last week, and it was wonderful to have her here. Annabelle loved having a constant playmate, and I was able to get out and do some things on my own. This past weekend I attended our church's ladies' retreat, and I left Daniel in charge for a 24-hour period. He did a wonderful job, as I knew he would, and I really benefitted from the wonderful teaching and the time away with other women. I don't have much else to report right now, but I will try to be more faithful in posting. :)

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AnnaDuggan said...

she's looking Dan in that pic.