Saturday, December 29, 2007

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Well, not really, thank goodness. But isn't that song a yuletide classic? I remember LOVING it when I'd hear that one on the radio. It still gets played too--I heard it the other day in a public place.
Anyway, the Brink family had a wonderful Christmas. We drove to Jackson on Dec. 21 and stayed with my family until Christmas afternoon. Annabelle slept for the last 40 minutes of the car trip, so we considered that a victory. When she finally fell asleep, I motioned to Daniel (from the backseat where I still ride), and we rode the rest of the way in complete silence so as not to wake her. Dugg, on the other hand, was asleep by the time we backed out of our driveway.
My parents treated us to a dinner out Friday night, and we enjoyed it immensely. Saturday Annabelle ran a fever, along with having a cough and cold, and we were able to get her some medicine. A pediatrician-friend of our family came to the house and diagnosed her, and she was showing signs of improvement quickly. I was able to see several friends that night at a wedding reception...always encouraging and refreshing to see old friends.
Sunday night we enjoyed a "Christmas Eve Eve" tradition of take-out Chinese food with friends of ours (the Hughes family). We had Christmas Eve dinner at my parents' house with Dad's side of the family, and then we "settled down for a long winter's nap." Christmas morning was wonderful. Annabelle didn't really know what was going on, but she enjoyed playing with toys, tissue paper, boxes, etc. We loaded up our car after lunch and headed back to Memphis to celebrate with Daniel's parents and brother Noah.
We had decided to spend Christmas night with Daniel's parents to make the evening more relaxing and easier for Annabelle, and doing so was a fabulous decision. We ate with them, put Annabelle down, and then had a wonderful time opening gifts and talking with our family. Wednesday morning, after breakfast, Daniel somehow put more things in our car, and we pulled out of the driveway stuffed to the brim. We are so blessed to have wonderful family and friends, and we were able to spend our holidays with them. I will post a few Christmas pictures later.
On a completely different note, we are excited about heading to the Liberty Bowl today to watch our Bulldogs! We were thrilled when MSU was assigned to play in Memphis, and Daniel and I are going to the game, along with my dad and brother and Daniel's brothers Josh and Noah. So GO BULLDOGS!!!

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Anonymous said...

I think I speak for Grandmas everywhere when I say I have a new perspective on that classic Christmas tune.... Loved having you here, Daniel, Katy, and Annabelle. You were a wonderful gift to us. Happy New Year from "Grandma" a.k.a. Sweet T!