Thursday, December 6, 2007

Decorating for Christmas

This past weekend we put up our Christmas tree as well as other decorations. It's funny to watch Annabelle gaze in complete wonder at the large, green thing standing in the living room. She will touch it but quickly pull back her hand in uncertainty. I am thankful for these days while they last: I am sure that soon I will have to watch her so that she doesn't try to climb it. She did enjoy "helping" us decorate, and I have posted a few pictures from that time.
We have our very own artificial tree this year, and it does look nice. I had a hard time as we were taking it out of its box--a box that simultaneously advertised its wonderful, pre-lit convenience and praised its "looks like it was just cut" appearance. Is that not a bit paradoxical? I grew up in a family who did real trees, as did Daniel. But after two years in a row of thousands of bugs overtaking their den, Daniel's family went artificial. While I can completely understand their change and probably would have done the exact same thing myself, I still am a bit partial in my heart to real trees. They are a pain to water and keep tidy, but there's just something about the smell of them. When I commented on the lack of smell of our current tree, Daniel jokingly said that we could buy a bottle of "tree smell" and spray it on the tree. I don't think so. Marty Cooper, I would add that to your list of "things I don't believe in." Anyway, our tree does look nice, and it's fun to have it up. Get's you in the Christmas spirit. We do hope someday to do some "real-tree Christmases"; it would be great to take our children out and cut one down. What great memories we both have of doing that with our families!
On a completely different note, Annabelle went for her one-year doctor visit today. She got a good report but was NOT happy about having three shots. Her 29-inch little body is still on the "light" side of the spectrum: 16 lbs, 4 ounces. But she is healthy and developing well, so we are not concerned. She is sleeping now, recovering from her traumatic morning.
I hope that everyone is having a wonderful beginning to December. What a joyous season as we celebrate our Savior's birth!


Crystal said...

You're tree looks beautiful...and doesn't look fake to me! We are a fake-tree family too, but the real tree smell would be nice.
I'm glad that Annabelle survived her 12 month check up. She's 4x her birth weight, right?? That's good!
See you whenever the kids are well (from croup, to ear infections, to bronchitis, to pink eye....many things that you do not want :)

dad said...

Katy, thanks for the update and the pictures. Glad the check-up went well. The tree looks great. Love you, dad

Marty Cooper said...

Thanks for the shout out! We are tree fakers, too. We considered real, but there is too much work involved. This way, we save $ and time...ok, we're lazy and cheap. Whatever. Your tree looks great. :)

AnnaDuggan said...

kate! Good to see you today and to get the update in person and now on the blog..I'm all caught up. I will say that my roomate has a candle that smells like christmas tree, and it really works! I walked in the house the other day and thought my roomates had gone to get a tree because it smelled just like one..something to look into...