Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Update

What a wonderful whirlwind the last couple of weeks have been! We arrived back home from Jackson/Natchez and immediately plunged into Thanksgiving/Brink birthday week. We had such wonderful times with our dear family!
Annabelle had her first birthday this past Saturday, and we had a family dinner for her, Mexican fiesta style. Daniel and I had never hosted 14 people for dinner, but having all of his family and my family (squeezed) around our table was so special. Annabelle had her first taste of chocolate, and she clapped as she tasted one of life's most delectable pleasures. If she is any child of mine, she will quickly realize how medicinal and satisfying chocolate is. Anyway, that is a post for another day...
I have posted some pictures from her party, as well as from earlier on her birthday as she played with a toy Daniel and I got for her. It's one of those "put the shapes in through the matching hole" boxes, and she loves it. However, she does not play with it in the traditional way. She stands up behind it, bends over, and pushes it around on the floor. She is pushing everything and loves to rearrange any furniture she can.
She has also said her first word. As I imagined my first child saying her first word, I hoped that it would be an adoring "mama" or "dada." She does make those sounds, but they are not directed at Daniel or me (or anything else). No, my hopes did not come to fruition. One day last week we realized that she was saying "Dugg." Yes, she now calls the name of her adoring "sibling" and is more delighted with him than ever. Sometimes it sounds like "Dugg" and other times like "Dog"...most often, she throws a Southern "Dawg" twist on it. But it definitely refers to the four-legged, hairy creature whom she sees as her playmate (and he likewise). So, even though I am still waiting to hear her call me "mama," it does bring me pleasure to know that she feels so at ease around her "brother."
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We were so blessed to spend lots of time with our families, and we hope that many of you spent the day with family and/or friends. And Go Bulldogs!


Marty Cooper said...

AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I love that her first word was Dugg!! How funny. Well, he needs some recognition every now and then, right?

Dad said...

I have enjoyed reading both the birthday post and Dan's post on the trip. Both set of pictures are great. Annabelle is o cute in all her photos. Both of you are so good to keep this up.

Crystal said...

I'm so glad that she had a great first b'day with all her family. I am a little disappointed that there is no picture of the cupcake cake :)
She is so cute! What is it about kid's first words being dog's names????