Monday, October 15, 2007

Trip to Jackson

We returned yesterday evening from a weekend in Jackson with my family. Annabelle was able to see her Mississippi grandparents, Sweet T and Granddaddy, and her Uncle Alan. She had a wonderful time and played very hard, showing them all her new tricks. She met my parents' new dog, Toby, a 2-3 year-old golden retriever, whom they rescued. He is very sweet and did well with her. I'm not sure he was thrilled to have our dog, Dugg, there too, and they had their cross moments. But I think they will be friends eventually.
Annabelle also saw both of my grandmothers, and it's very special for her to know both of them. They of course LOVE seeing her, and I am grateful that they can. Daniel's grandmother lives in Michigan, and we are both very much wanting her to meet Annabelle.
The church in which I grew up, First Presbyterian, has recently completed its new sanctuary building, and this past Sunday was the Dedication service. Being there with my whole family was very special, and we were priviledged to hear Dr. R.C. Sproul preach the Word.


Crystal said...

I was wondering where y'all were this weekend...I ment to ask you yesterday. It looks like Annabelle enjoyed seeing her family. Her smile is priceless!

Marty Cooper said...


1. Sweet T!! I love it.

2. Annabelle is one of the prettiest little girls I've ever seen.

3. College Alan looks old!!!