Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sniffy nose and new shoes

Annabelle has spent the last three days enduring my incessant wiping of her nose. She has her first full-blown cold, and it's quite pitiful. Because of all the children's cold/cough medicine recalls, I really cannot give her much, and we are just waiting it out! These pictures show how sick she's looking, though she looks a little better today. We are home from church so we don't contaminate every other child in the nursery, but I do miss being at worship!
She also got some new shoes, as shown in the picture, and she is quite taken with them. I am so thankful that Daniel has been home during most of the "sickness" so far because he's been such a help!


Crystal said...

I'm so sorry little Annabelle is not feeling well. I can tell from the pictures that she is a little sickly. I hope she gets well quickly and has a healthy winter.

Marty Cooper said...

Look at that precious angel with the really cute shoes. I hope she feels better!