Monday, September 3, 2007

Nine Months

Well, I have not followed through with my previous statements that I would be more faithful about posting entries on this blog. Life around the house is good, but I am tempted to think that no one else could possibly want to read about the ordinary things that are happening here. But then I remind myself that what's taking place here is far from ordinary! Annabelle is growing into a child, and human growth and maturity is no ordinary occurrence. She is crawling rapidly and pulling up with skill. She can also get herself down once she pulls herself up. She sits and plays with her toys, and she takes great delight when Dugg plays with her (or steals one of her toys). She is sleeping longer at night and napping better during the day. She loves real food and eats with much vigor and enthusiasm. At her nine-month appointment, the doctor did discover that she has not grown as much as she should have over the past three months. We are trying to get her to drink formula in order to pack on the pounds. :) What girl wouldn't love to have that problem!!
We are so thankful to have her cousins in town. Her closest cousin, Susanna, has just started to crawl, and seeing them on the floor together crawling around is such a delight. Daniel and I are thrilled that they will grow up together and that Annabelle will have her older cousins, Aaron and Noelle, to look after her.


Katie Walden said...

Katy! It's Katie! Annabelle is most precious and you basset hound makes me miss mine. I'm glad to see you all are doing well.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Katy! I love your blog. I guess I think it's worth having a blog just so your family can see current pictures. That's really why I'm doing it. We'll see. I've really enjoyed reading yours!

Ragan said...

Hey Katy and Daniel. This is Ragan Housholder Oswalt. I found your blog through Emily Hutton's. Annabelle is just as cute as she can be!

Ours is in case you're interested in taking a look!